The most sought after system for professional teeth whitening!

The growing demand for teeth whitening in the world of all aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures has led to the creation of better ways to whiten teeth. A study conducted by Philips confirmed these allegations and of the 3,000 respondents, as many as 86% said they would like to have lighter teeth. More than 5 million treatments performed with the Philips Zoom system confirm its functionality, and Philips Zoom is currently the most recognizable professional teeth whitening system. Teeth whitening with this device will provide better and faster results, and this treatment can also be an ideal way to enhance the best jewelry you wear on your body, your teeth.

Teeth up to 8 shades lighter!


Unlike other traditional systems, Philips Zoom provides the highest quality results. In more than 50% of patients, it achieves shade A1 or lighter teeth, and also provides the longest lasting whitening results!

Results without irritation!

Unlike some other teeth whitening treatments, Philips Zoom users do not complain about tooth sensitivity. Philips Zoom brings amazing results without irritation, and the dentist will provide you with maximum comfort and pain-free results. Upon completion of the treatment, a unique post-treatment gel will provide protection to your teeth!

Give your teeth back the shine and whiteness they deserve!

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