Profhilo 3 in 1
Hyaluronic dermal filler, mesotherapy and skin booster

In the offer of the Dental Istria practice we offer the Profhilo treatment – an innovative 3 in 1 offer that offers in one product:
– hyaluronic dermal filler
– skin booster
– mesotherapy

More and more women nowadays try to make sure that they look beautiful and natural without make-up in their daily skin care, and the growing trend of ‘natural face looks’ is further evidenced by the fact that dermatological treatments are becoming increasingly popular. In the past, they were most commonly used to remove scars and wrinkles or even out complexions, but today they are most popular for maintaining youthful skin and facial freshness. Lack of hydration and collagen in the skin results in less and less elasticity and the so-called dull appearance of the face. Dry skin without shine and fullness ages faster and looks worse over time.


Profhilo 3 in 1 – an innovative product

For many years, various hyaluronic acid-based products have been used to restore skin hydration, reducing wrinkles and restoring facial skin volume. In addition, they improve the structure and deeply hydrate the skin.

Today, the innovative Profhilo 3 in 1 product is the best solution for improving tissue quality and remodeling the skin. This novelty in the world of medicine is called a biorevitalizer and biostimulator, because it stimulates the body to produce its own collagen and elastin. All this affects the beautiful skin of the face and youthful appearance.


Fast and consistent results!

With this product that is adapted to all age groups, you will see results after 1-2 weeks, and a month after the second application small wrinkles will be completely fixed, the skin will have radiance and fullness, and with regular use of treatment you will gradually erase fatigue with faces.

Give your face the treatment it deserves!

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