Preventive dentistry in Croatia

Preventive dentistry and pediatric dentistry are almost linked: these are branches involved in suppressing formation of diseases of teeth and periodontal, as well as other structures in the mouth cavity, with a focus on preservation of milk teeth (milk dentition) which keep a place for permanent teeth. Dental Istria has a professional team which is trained to use the newest and the top-quality materials and methods to preserve milk dentition, prevention of caries development and pain-free caries removal with the laser method. Using the modern technology, we achieved remarkable results in improving children’s oral health.

Pouring or fissure sealing is the procedure for teeth protection. This procedure does not damage the tooth structure, but only pours hollows and bumps (fissures) where the food otherwise penetrates and remains, causing caries.

OZONOTHERAPY OZONOTHERAPY is the treatment in which we act on caries in the early stage, without drilling, without pain, without anesthesia. It is the most commonly used in children, but we also achieve excellent results in adults. The principle of operation is based on mineralization of the tooth structure. The treatment takes only 40 seconds and the procedure is pain-free, because it is done without the drill and other aggressive instruments. Ozone disinfects the gums from all microorganisms (caries is an infectious disease).

The process of destruction of tooth decay stops, the fluoridation structure of the teeth recovers, and the advantage of the process is that the tooth remains intact. By these procedure, we do not remove even the smallest part of the tooth. The ozone acts as a fungal deactivator. Successfully treats ULCERS and it achieves excellent results in disinfection of the root canal during treatment or endodontics. No negative side-phenomena. In most cases, there is no need for antibiotics.

In our ordinations, we use 4 different devices and the choice depends on the indication:

  • Periodontal pocket
  • Gingivitis
  • Caries
  • Ulcers, herpes
  • For implant installation
  • In surgery
  • Treatment of root canals

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