Oral surgery in Croatia

In Croatia (Poreč) in the ordinations of Dental Istria, a series of oral surgery procedures are conducted in a pain-free local anesthesia. A special care is given to the sterilization of the work equipment, using the latest sterilization technology according to the strictest standards.


A surgical procedure in which a tip of the tooth root affected with inflammation (granuloma, cyst) is removed.
The procedure is pain-free and performed in local anesthesia with the use of LASER (Biolase) with which we achieve better results.


The procedure of installation of titanium screws in the bone, at the place of missing teeth, which are then used as carriers for crowns, bridges, protheses …


The procedure which solves the problem of lack of bones, lifts off the bottom of the sinus cavity by adding of the artificial bone, thus providing a position to install the tooth implant.


An operation to solve problems of impacted and retained wisdom teeth.


The procedure of removing the labial frenulum in residual diastema (gap) between the upper or lower central incisors and the lingual (language) frenulum between the tongue and the internal side of the lower central incisors.


The procedure which objective is the correction of asymmetry of the gingiva around the dental necks. The laser is used (Biolase) for more precise cuts and due to faster coagulation and synthesis of the tissue.
All materials used in Dental Istria are certified and of proven quality.

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