IMPLANTOLOGY in Croatia – solutions for all kinds of teeth loss

* What are teeth implants?

Teeth implants are titanium screws (biocompatible material) which is implanted in the bone of the lower or upper jaw, and they imitate natural tooth roots, which are later used as carriers for crowns, bridges, protheses…
The procedure of the implant treatment itself is performed in local anesthesia and is completely pain-free.
After the implantation, implants grow together with the surrounding bone and that process is called osseointegration, lasting 3-6 months.
After the period of osseointegration, the imprint is taken in our dental laboratory and a crown, bridge or prostheses are made.

* Quality of the implants and the education of implantology

Our dental implants are CERTIFIED implants, from renowned global manufacturers, while doctors of implantology are highly educated, regularly trained on the European and world congresses, and they also follow the latest trends in the field of implantology.

* Dental implants and their benefits

  • dental implants stop further bone resorption
  • there is no need for abrading adjacent healthy teeth that support the bridges
  • teeth implants will increase Your life quality
  • ensure Your natural chewing

 * Our diagnostic devices for safer and better results

In Dental Istria we use CT (three-dimensional volumetric tomography), and the device for digital panoramic image (Kodak), with the help of which our team of implantologists precisely determines and plans an implant therapy, the position of the future implants, bone condition…

* Guarantee

Guarantee on the implant itself is up to 10 years with regular examinations and maintenance prescribed by Internal Rules which patient receives for a review and signing before the start of the procedure.

* The importance of sterilization

Sterilization of instruments, as well as the hygiene of our personnel, is extremely important to us, which is why have it on the highest level, even beyond the laws of European standards. Instruments and equipment that cannot be sterilized are of one-time use and are thrown after using.

* When to decide to get an implant?

Since one tooth is missing, teeth implants are the best solution because in that case we preserve two adjacent healthy teeth that should be sanded in case of fitting a classic bridge.

In case there are several teeth missing, teeth implants are used as the bridge carriers.

The fixed solution for complete loss of teeth is the bridge on the implants. Six to eight implants are installed in one jaw, after which an arc bridge is fixed on the implants. The mobile solution is a prosthesis on the implants. Two to four implants are installed into the jaw, which are then connected with the crossbar on which the prostheses fits.

Prothesis attached to the implants is significantly stronger and more stable from regular prostheses, but it can still be removed due to hygiene maintenance.

Due to lack of bone which is necessary for the implants to be embedded, it is necessary to upgrade the lost bone by adding an artificial bone by various surgical procedures:
• GBR-guided bone regeneration
• Maxillary sinus lift
• Implant by osteo-tomsk techniques

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