Endodontia deals with the treatment of pathological processes in the dental pulp, which allows a teeth its vitality, providing it with nerves and blood vessels.
When inflamed tooth nerve, the tooth needs to be conserved, by removing the inflamed tissue from the root canal after which the channels extend, cleanse, disinfect and fill.

For the treatment, we use the most advanced technology that allows us high-quality results, compared to more conventional dental treatment
* Laser of the American company Biolase -Waterlase- used for sterilization of root canals, ie. the removal of bacteria from the channel that can not be mechanically cleaned
* Laser of the American company Biolase EZlase
* Bioozon, OZONOTHERAPY-gas for disinfecting the root canal, ie. Removal of bacteria out of smaller and bigger channels that can not be mechanically processed
* Apex locator- device for measuring the length of the root canal, in order to make the canal filling to be more precise, which is important for the success of the dental treatment
* Radiovisiography-digital X-ray images by which we can control every phase of the work-90% Less radiation compared to conventional x-rays

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