Dental diagnostics in Croatia

Arcus Digma

ARCUS DIGMA II is an ultrasonic device for functional analysis temporomandibular (jaw) joint, or the meter for the movement of lower jaw In relation to the upper jaw and the position of the upper jaw in relation to the base of the skull.
Computer recorded movements are transmitted to a fully adjustable PROTAR evo 9 articulator which allows our dental technicians an insight into the actual movement of Your jaw and creation of the extremely precise prosthetic replacement. Such functional analysis is the first step in detecting disorders of the temporomandibular joint of which the most common cause is the disturbed occlusion, traumatic and systemic disorders.
ARCUS DIGMA II allows us to choose a new therapeutic position of the lower jaw and based on the construction of a high-precision splint which corrects those deficiencies.

If you have one of the following symptoms: grinding your teeth (at night) feeling pain and / or clicking in the temporomandibular joint, sore neck and shoulder muscles, pain during chewing and moving the lower jaw or have reduced a possibility of opening the mouth, you are most likely a candidate for ARCUS DIGMA II therapy. We will correct the situation as Your temporomandibular joint would not deteriorate unnecessarily. Arcus Digma is extremely useful in compensation of lost teeth implants because the proper bite and schedule of forces also contribute to the longevity of implant work and implants themselves.
If you are interested in additional information or you’re just curious, let us know to find out for more information on ARCUS DIGMA II therapy!

Intraoral camera (STV)

The intraoral camera gives us a direct visual representation of the state of your teeth and lips cavity on the screen. We can show the details of the crowns and surrounding structures with the ability to increase and freeze the image and archive images of individual work phases.

Spectro shade

There are various methods of defining and measuring the color in the dental prosthetics, but they all can be classified into two main groups:visual and instrumental. A spectrophotometer is a significant tool for measuring tooth color and is used for control of color quality very often. It was already confirmed that the instrumental determination of tooth color is significantly more objective than the visual because it excludes the possibility of subjective selection and safely represents the realistic future within the dental prosthetics. Spectro Shade TM Micro calculates the numerical difference between the color of the real tooth and the selected color with respect to whiteness, strength and the color shade, thus greatly eases the work in the laboratory, making its work better.Spectro Shade TM Micro reads the color of teeth and tells us what colour mixture in ceramics must be used in order to be as close as possible to the color of the reconstructed tooth and color of adjacent teeth. This digital instrument can analyze and identify the color of the entire surface of the tooth (cervical, medium and incisal thirds of the tooth), where, thanks to Linux technology high precision is achieved. It helps in analyzing the color before and after bleaching, and in determining the relationship between the color the natural tooth and the crown. The images and the final results can be stored on the device or transferred to the computer via USB, and can also be sent via e-mail to the lab.