Aesthetic dentistry in Croatia

You must have at least once wanted so perfect white teeth, straight without the slightest imperfection, which you can see on stars in the fashion magazines. These are mostly the results of talented aesthetic dentists who can provide such smile. The secret of the gleaming teeth is whitening and / or porcelain veneers that are glued to the front surface of the tooth.
Cosmetic dentistry solves shortcomings such as changes in the color and morphology of teeth, the distance between one’s teeth, old amalgam fillings, teeth cracks and other. Dental Istria is using the top-quality American and German equipment and technology which is currently listed among one of the most innovative solutions for cosmetic dentistry..


PORCELAIN VENEERS are made after a minimum grinding of the front teeth surfaces for the purpose of aesthetics of the smile.
They are recommended when you are unhappy with the:

  • Shape or color of the teeth
  • Position of the teeth (rotation of each tooth)
  • The distance between teeth (diastema)

They are made in our dental laboratory with the latest CAD CAM technology.
CAD-CAM Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacture


the safest and most effective method of whitening

  • Completely painless treatment – thanks to the impulse laser beam enamel and deeper layers of the tissue are not heated, so there is no thermal accidents and injury to patients, while the thin laser ray is directed to the tooth without affecting the gingiva.
  • Safe – laser technique enables the selection of necessary parameters – intensity and time of exposure, and the dentist is in control of the treatment in every second. This method is also applicable for patients with a thin and fragile enamel because the sensitivity on the temperature and chemical stimulus after a treatment are minimum.
  • Effective – visible results after the first treatment


  • Composite (white) fillings
  • Ceramic restorations (inlay, onlay, overlay)

Whether it is a composite (white) fillings or ceramic fillings, inlay onlay, overlay … We use the highest quality materials from Ivoclar company (Liechtenstein).

CERAMIC (FILLINGS) inlay, onlay, overlay – in 24 hours

* the Best solution for fillings is a ceramic substitute, replacing classic composite restorations (fillings). Its purpose is to strengthen the tooth, maintain its shape and natural color.
Preparation is carried out using CAD-CAM technology (computer drafting)
CAD-CAM technology helps us produce the most accurate prosthetic restorations (inlays, Crowns of pure ceramic, bridges …)

Advantages over traditional composite restoration:

– Longer life (10-15 years old)
– Maximum protection against decay
– Strengthening the remaining tooth structure


Thanks to the CAD-CAM technology in one visit we can be make:
* Ceramic fillings
* veneers
* Crowns of pure ceramic

Benefits of CAD / CAM technology:

1. No need to take a teeth imprint
2. There is no need for making temporary teeth
3. It takes only one visit to the dentist

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