INVIZALINE-R has braces that in recent years used as a substitute for traditional fixed appliances.
Your safety. Your appearance. Your life. With INVIZALINE-R, you can get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. This appliance is invisible corrects your teeth and does not affect your everyday appearance and habits.
It is intended primarily for adult patients with minor irregularities in the position of teeth. Production of appliances begins with the first visit and taking situational prints and painting and special dental panorama shooting. For each patient individually planned analysis and visualization during correction. This first step is free and is not dependent on your decision whether you will take this method.
INVIZALINE-R is one of najuspiješnijih device of modern dentistry. This system is an absolute hit svugdije in the world. It is made in the form of several imperceptible splint you carry in your mouth when and how you can, but only after the first results next splint in a series of up to six … until the final results that will make you happy for a lifetime. It takes just one visits to the dentist, but INVIZALINE-R will do with your cooperation therapy until the very end – to your perfect smile.

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